The treaties in detail

Type of treaty Multilateral international treaty
Subject 0.74
Number (Classified Compilation of Swiss Law) none
Organization XI.B.8.B
English title General agreement on economic regulations for international road transport ( b) Protocol of signature)
French title Accord général portant réglementation économique des transports routiers internationaux ( b) Protocole de signature)
Concluded on 17.03.1954
Concluded in Genève
Depositary Organisation der Vereinten Nationen (UNO)
Signature CH 17.03.1954
Publication (Official compilation of Swiss Law) none
Publication dispatch (f/g) (Federal Gazette) none

Type: A = Accession, S = Declaration of succession

Status list

Contracting party Type Signature Ratification Entry into force Date of denunciation Denunciation date
Belgien 17.03.1954
Dänemark 17.03.1954
Frankreich 1 17.03.1954
Griechenland 17.03.1954 11.12.1956
Italien 17.03.1954 18.10.1957
Luxemburg 17.03.1954
Niederlande 17.03.1954
Norwegen A 17.01.1956
Schweden 17.03.1954
Schweiz 17.03.1954
Serbien 12.03.2001
Vereinigtes Königreich 17.03.1954

1Unterzeichnung ohne Ratifikationsvorbehalt.


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