Horizon Europe: Extended access for researchers in Switzerland

Press releases, 04.07.2024

The EU has decided that researchers in Switzerland will be eligible to participate in the first three European Research Council calls for proposals for the 2025 programme year.

Switzerland and the EU have agreed on two transitional arrangements for the Horizon package (Horizon Europe, Euratom programme, ITER, Digital Europe programme). The 2024 transitional arrangement has been in force since March and enables researchers in Switzerland to submit applications for the European Research Council's 2024 Advanced Grant call for proposals. Access is now being extended to three further ERC calls: Starting Grant 2025 (opening on 10 July 2024), Synergy Grant 2025 (opening on 11 July 2024) and Consolidator Grant 2025 (opening on 26 September 2024).

This important step strengthens both Switzerland and Europe as centres of research and innovation.

Swift association remains Federal Council's declared goal

Switzerland's participation will be financed directly by the federal government up to the point of association. For an association, the agreement on Switzerland's participation in EU programmes must be signed by Switzerland and the EU as part of the overall package.

Switzerland continues to strive for the full activation of the transitional arrangement for 2025. This would give researchers in Switzerland access to all calls for proposals under Horizon Europe (with the exception of the EU's strategic areas such as quantum and space) and the Euratom programme.

The Federal Council's overarching goal is to achieve association to the entire Horizon package at the earliest opportunity.

Negotiations on overall package

On 18 March, Switzerland and the EU began negotiations on the overall package. These include negotiations on association to EU programmes in the areas of education, research and innovation (Horizon Europe, Euratom programme, Digital Europe programme, ITER and Erasmus+).

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