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European policy – Federal Council decides to launch consultations on the draft institutional agreement

07.12.2018 — Press release DEA
At its meeting on 7 December 2018, the Federal Council took note of the current outcome of the negotiations on the draft institutional agreement between Switzerland and the European Union. It also takes note of the fact that the EU considers the negotiations to have been concluded. The Federal Council considers the current outcome of the negotiations to be largely in Switzerland's interests and in line with the negotiating mandate. The Federal Council has however decided not to initial the institutional agreement for the time being, in particular in view of outstanding issues relating to the accompanying measures and the Citizens' Rights Directive. It will launch consultations on the draft agreement. The goal of these consultations will be to reach a consolidated position in order to seek further dialogue with the EU if necessary. The Federal Council will consider the status of these consultations in spring 2019.

EU grants 14 million to Swiss Researchers

06.12.2018 — Press release DEA
An ERC Grant is the most prestigious award for excellent European research projects. A team with three researchers from the ETH Domain had also applied for such a grant. Today, Gabriel Aeppli from the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, Henrik Rønnow from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne EPFL and Nicola Spaldin from ETH Zurich, together with their colleague Alexander Balatsky from Nordita, Stockholm University, received the contract signed by the EU confirming the extraordinary 14 million euro funding. With this funding, they will join their expertise to look into the heart of materials. Using the large research facilities at PSI, they plan to uncover new quantum effects which up to now have been overlooked or could not be seen by previously employed methods. They will also design new materials with useful quantum properties. Such new properties could be of use for data processing or data storage in the future and thus become the backbone of future electronics for the benefit of our Society.

Federal Council brings measure to protect Swiss stock exchange infrastructure into force

30.11.2018 — Press release DEA
The Federal Council continues to advocate that the European Commission extend indefinitely Switzerland's stock market equivalence, which will expire at the end of 2018. Such an extension has not yet taken place. In its meeting on 30 November 2018, the Federal Council adopted a measure as announced to protect the Swiss stock exchange infrastructure, as the market needs clarity in order to adapt to the various scenarios in good time. The new recognition obligation for foreign trading venues introduced by ordinance will apply from 1 January 2019. In practice, it will have an effect only if necessary.

Meeting of the Joint Swiss-EU Committee in the fields of research and innovation

16.11.2018 — Press release DEA
The 23rd meeting of the Joint Committee between Switzerland and the European Union (EU) / Euratom in the areas of research and innovation took place in Brussels today. It provided an opportunity to discuss the implementation of the existing agreement between Switzerland and the EU on the current EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation ‘Horizon 2020’, the Euratom Programme and the international fusion reactor ITER. It also allowed for an exchange of information on ‘Horizon Europe’, the next research and innovation framework programme starting in 2021.

President Alain Berset visits Romania, next holder of EU Council presidency

01.11.2018 — Press release DEA
On Thursday, 1 November, President Berset paid a visit to Romania. The visit follows the tradition of establishing contact with the holder of the next EU Council presidency. Romania will assume the rotating six-month presidency of the Council of the European Union for the first time in January. In addition to bilateral issues, the official talks with Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis focused primarily on European policy issues.

Switzerland and Malta reaffirm their ties

30.10.2018 — Press release EDA
Switzerland and Malta maintain good and increasingly intensive relations. This was emphasised by both sides during an official visit to Switzerland by Maltese President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca on Tuesday, 30 October. In addition to bilateral issues, Malta’s head of state and President Alain Berset discussed European and migration policy issues, as well as developments in the conflict areas of North Africa and the Middle East.

“Mind the gap”: Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis receives British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt in Bern

25.10.2018 — Press release DEA
Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis met his British counterpart Jeremy Hunt in Bern for bilateral talks. During a working breakfast, the two foreign ministers discussed, among other things, the status of the Brexit negotiations. They also discussed the Federal Council's 'Mind the gap' strategy, which aims to ensure that bilateral relations between Switzerland and the United Kingdom continue as smoothly as possible after the UK's departure from the EU.

ESA ministerial Council sets the stage for the future

25.10.2018 — Press release DEA
The State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation Mauro Dell'Ambrogio participated in the ESA’s Intermediate Ministerial Meeting in Madrid today. This meeting brought together ministers in charge of space activities from the 22 ESA Member States, enabling ESA to prepare for the continuation of existing programmes and initiatives and launch new ones.

Federal Council to continue negotiations with EU under current mandate

28.09.2018 — Press release DEA
At its meeting on 28 September 2018, the Federal Council – the executive branch of the Swiss government – conducted a fresh review of Switzerland's European policy strategy and decided to continue negotiations on an institutional agreement with the European Union (EU) as provided for under the current mandate. The Federal Council also wishes to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the social partners and the cantons. The government also adopted the dispatch on Switzerland's second contribution to the enlarged EU and a related dispatch on the revision of the Asylum Act.

ETH Board considers international cooperation and networking to be in jeopardy

27.09.2018 — Press release DEA
At its meeting of 26/27 September 2018, the ETH Board emphasised the great significance of international cooperation and networking for education, research and innovation. Without a framework agreement with the EU, there is a danger that Switzerland will be excluded from the EU’s research framework programmes. The Self-Determination Initiative, which will be put to the ballot in November, also jeopardises international cooperation and thus the success of the universities and of research in Switzerland.

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