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The agreement lays the foundation for uniform statistical collection in Switzerland and the EU. ©BK

The 2004 statistics Agreement lays the foundation for the consistent gathering of statistical data in Switzerland and the European Union (EU).

This ensures the comparability of Switzerland’s statistics with those of the EU member states in selected areas. In practice this means that the compilation of data in Switzerland in certain areas is brought into line with the European norms of Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU. As a result, Switzerland has access to a number of pan-European databases in a wide range of topics, which enable it to improve the quality of data comparisons needed in political and economic decision-making. At the same time, the recording of euro-compatible statistics in EU publications gives Switzerland additional international visibility (e.g. as business location).



  • Entry into force of the revision of Appendix A (2 December)


  • Entry into force of the Agreement (1st January)


  • Approval by Parliament (17 December)
  • Signing of the Agreement (in the framework of Bilateral Agreements II, 26 October)

Status April 2022