Large tenders to be published in the coming months

Article, 19.10.2012

Switzerland and the EU-10 sign the final infrastructure projects in autumn 2012. As a result, major tenders will be published in the coming months.

Trolley bus in Ostrava
Trolley bus in Ostrava

In autumn 2012, Switzerland and the Czech Republic conclude six project agreements on developing public transport. Switzerland is investing around CHF 30 million in these projects. Some twelve million passengers will benefit from three new transport terminals, one tram line and one trolley bus line, as well as additional public transport connections. With the conclusion of these agreements, all the infrastructure projects with the EU 10 will be finalised.

Major tenders to be announced soon

Large tenders will be launched in the coming months. The executing agencies in the partner states are responsible for preparing the tender documents and for awarding the contracts. They will take into account relevant national legislation on public procurement as well as the guidelines of the EU and the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Switzerland has access to all documents relating to the awarding of the contracts, and independent experts will help to examine them. The website provides regular updates giving details about the ongoing tender procedures in the context of the Swiss contribution.

Events to mark the end of the commitment period

Information events to mark the end of the commitment period took place in Switzerland and in the ten partner countries. For more information please refer to “Additional Information and Documents” (see below).