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Embassy Tehran

View of the Swiss Embassy building in Tehran

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Embassy Tehran © FDFA


02.04.2014 Nature Day
20.04.2014 Easter Sunday
27.05.2014 Mission of Prophet Mohammad
08.06.2014 Whitsun
13.10.2014 Ghadir Khom Feast
04.11.2014 Ashoora
24.12.2014 Christmas
25.12.2014 Christmas
31.12.2014 New Year’s Eve

Embassy of Switzerland in Iran
Ave. Sharifimanesh 
Yasaman Street No. 2
P.O. Box 19395-4683
19649 Tehran

Tel.: +98 (0)21 2200 8333
Fax: +98 (0)21 2200 6002

For all information concerning visa and travelling to Switzerland, kindly check our website
http://www.eda.admin.ch/eda/en/home/reps/asia/virn/ref_visinf/visirn.html Visas for applicants residing in the Islamic Republic of Iran
No information given over the telephone.

Foreign Interest Section
For all questions regarding the United States, please contact:
 Embassy of Switzerland - Foreign Interests Section 
Opening hours 
Opening hours visa section: 08:00–12:00
Friday and Saturday closed

Introduction of the VIS (Schengen Visa with Biometric Data)

On 11 October 2011 the Schengen member states introduced the Visa Information System (VIS). The VIS will also be used to store the biometric data (10 fingerprins and the facial image) of the visa applicants. The diplomatic representations of the Schengen member states will be gradually connected to the system region by region.

Along with the connection to the VIS on 2 October, 2012 all diplomatic representations of the Schengen member states in the Islamic Republic of Iran have to capture the biometric data of persons applying for a Schengen visa.

An information leaflet of the European Union relating to the introduction of the VIS and the capture of biometric data can be found on our  website.