The “new home” at the UN for the post-2015 agenda after September 2015

Isabella Pagotto, Programme Manager, Global Institutions Division, DEZA

27 July 2015 - The High-Level Political on Sustainable Development (HLPF) brought together representatives from governments, multilateral institutions, parliaments, think tanks, the private sector and civil society from 26 June – 8 July 2015. As the “new home” for the post-2015 agenda after September 2015 the Forum will have a key role for monitoring and reviewing progress. 

A new Forum to modernize to way the UN works together and interacts with stakeholders

The post-2015 agenda offers the opportunity to modernize the way the UN System works together and how it interacts with civil society, academia, the private sector and other stakeholders. The HLPF as the central locus of the follow-up and review architecture for the post-2015 agenda will have a key role to play in this regard. The unique modalities for stakeholder participation in the HLPF provide a real opportunity to modernize the way that the United Nations should include and work with non-state actors.

A new Forum as a the focal point for the monitoring and review of the post-2015 agenda

This year’s HLPF Meeting took place just before the Addis Ababa Conference on Financing for Development and the final round of negotiations on the Post-2015 Agenda. It will therefore have its key role to play  after the post-2015 agenda has been adopted in September 2015.

Participants discussed the future follow-up and review mechanism for the post-2015 agenda and the future role of the HLPF. Key messages were sent to the post-2015 negotiators to be taken into account in the final round of negotiations. Main discussions focused at the global level on modalities for country and thematic reviews at the future HLPF annual meetings. In addition, every four years it is foreseen that the HLPF will meet under the auspices of the UN General Assembly at Head of States level to mobilize action and provide meaningful political guidance, informed by an authoritative and concise state-of-the art Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR).

For the last time: global and national reports on the Millennium Development Goals presented at the United Nations

It was during the HLPF Meeting on 7 July 2015 when the last annual global MDG Progress Report was launched by UNSG Ban Ki-Moon together with the Norwegian Prime Minister Solberg and the President of Rwanda Kagame.

At the following Annual Ministerial Review several countries presented their national progress reports on the MDGs for the last time. Annual global progress reports and countries presenting their national reports every couple of years helped spurring implementation. The future global tracking on progress and the country reviews of the post-2015 agenda will need to be more robust, effective and participatory. It will also be universal, meaning that all countries will need to present, including Switzerland.

HLPF Meeting 2015

Sendung zum letzten MDG-Bericht auf Schweizer Radio DRS

Swiss Working Paper “Monitoring and Review Post-2015 Agenda” (PDF, Anzahl Seiten 6, 382.7 kB, Englisch)