2030 Dialogue for Sustainable Development

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The Federal Council established the 2030 dialogue to permit a broad a discussion about sustainable development. © NiceFuture, Forum on Sustainable Development 2017 ARE

The federal government established the '2030 Dialogue for Sustainable Development' to promote broad discussion about sustainable development. It combines the national and international participatory processes for sustainable development policy.

The Federal Council established the 2030 dialogue to permit a broad and transverse discussion about sustainable development and to encourage all of those concerned to share their expertise and interests. 

One of its primary aims is to discuss interdisciplinary issues relating to the 2030 Agenda, and priorities for the latter's implementation by Switzerland. 

The 2030 Dialogue will address various important issues connected with the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Forthcoming events
Event Place and date

Information on the online consultation about the federal government's baseline assessment and activities. 



Bern, 09.06.2017

Afternoon event

Discussion of action areas and priorities for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Switzerland. The discussion will be based on the outcomes of the online consultation.

Bern, October

Full-day event


Events to date

24.11.2015: Partnerships for sustainable development

22.04.2016: National reporting on the 2030 Agenda 

Partnerships for sustainable development

The 2030 Agenda encompasses 17 specific targets. They apply universally to all countries, and also include environmental sustainability alongside social and economic development. Implementation is not just the task of governments, however. As part of the 'Global Partnership for Sustainable Development' (SDG 17), all key partners, authorities, civil society, business and the scientific community are called upon to act together.

Governments are asked to mobilise multi-stakeholder implementation partnerships. Non-governmental bodies are also expected to contribute to implementation as their skills and resources allow.

2030 Dialogue: Switzerland and sustainable development – partnerships for sustainable development, opening address by Manuel Sager, 24.11.2015 (PDF, Number of pages 6, 221.5 kB, German)

National reporting on the 2030 Agenda

The SDGs are currently being translated into the Swiss context. At the same time, the current status of progress is being determined, and the need for action identified. The initial report should be available by the spring of 2018.

As part of the 2030 Dialogue, a discussion was held on the form and content of reporting on the SDGs by the federal government, and options for joint voluntary reporting with non-governmental organisations examined. The inputs gathered in this way are being used to draw up an outline for federal government reporting.