Libya has long been an attractive destination for migrants looking for employment or for transit before proceeding to Europe. It is estimated that around 1,8 million migrants live in Libya, many of them without jobs and resources or even in detention because of their illegal status. Migrants arrive from East and Sub Saharan Africa, from Asia as well as the Middle East. In this context Switzerland is supporting projects that aim to improve the protection of migrants, increase access to health services and raise awareness about their delicate and dire situation.

Through the support of the Italian NGO CESVI, Switzerland contributes to an enhanced protection environment for mixed migrants and IDPs in Benghazi and Tripoli by reinforcing access to health services as well as to psychological support for migrants in detention and Internally Displaced Persons in camps in Benghazi and nearby cities.
Switzerland supports the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Libya in the field of protection of detainees and migrants where ICRC continues to play an important role. ICRC fosters the protection of migrants by visiting detention centers, assessing their living conditions, providing assistance when necessary and advising the detention authorities.

Further projects in the field of security of civilian populations as well as human rights and protection of migrants are planned.

Migration has increased and become more complex as a result of globalization. The SDC aims to make the most of the positive aspects of migration, while containing its negative implications. Migration can drive development if it is included in a controlled and targeted way in development strategies.

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