Dear Compatriots,
Dear Friends of Switzerland,

Welcome to the website of the Honorary Consulate General of Switzerland in the Kingdom of Bahrain!

Member of the Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Kingdom of Bahrain occupies a strategic location, which made it earn at all times a prominent role as a hub of regional trade and culture. Cradle of ancient Dilmun civilization to which a remarkable museum is dedicated in Manama, Bahrain still retains a special charm combined with tradition and modernism. Appreciated financial capital and centre of numerous important international conferences, well known for its outstanding University, the City of Manama annually hosts many cultural and sporting events as well, such as the F1 Grand Prix. With its undeniable afar success in developing its economy and international network of partners, Bahrain has among other priorities to deal with the coexistence among its highly educated population of the two essential religious components of Islam, Sunni and Shiism.

The Ambassador of Switzerland to the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Bahrain 

Etienne Thévoz