Public holidays

SDC Public Holidays for 2015
02.01.2015 Friday Winter Solstice
19/20.02.2015 Thursday-Friday Losar Bhutanese New year (2days)
23.02.2015 Monday Birth Aniversary of the King
28.04.2015 Tuesday Zabdrung Kuchoe
02.06.2015 Tuesday Lord Buddha's Parinirvana
26.06.2015 Friday Birth Anniversary of Guru Rinpochhe
20.07.2015 Monday First Sermon of Lord Buddha
22.09.2015 Tuesday Blessed Rainy Day
23/25.09.2015 Wednesday & Friday Thimphu Tsechu (2days)
22.10.2015 Thursday Dassain
03.11.2015 Tuesday Descending day of lord Buddha
11.11.2015 Wednesday Constitution day
17.12.2015 Tuesday National Day
25.12.2015 Wednesday Christmas Day