Switzerland collects no withholding tax on old-age pensions; these are subject to taxation in the new country of residence.

As concerns retirement income (retirement pay and capital benefits from Swiss pensions and retirement saving schemes), the stipulations of the given double taxation agreement (DBA) are applicable. If a DBA has been concluded, retirement pay is always free from the Swiss withholding tax in cases where the country of residence is vested with power to impose taxes. Capital benefits, on the other hand, are always subject to a withholding tax which, depending on the DBA, can be refunded upon application. The current tariff scales are available for consultation at every cantonal tax administration.

If Switzerland has not concluded any double taxation agreement with the country of residence, retirement pay is always taxed at the source. This withholding tax – as is also the case with capital benefits for a recipient with residence in a country with which Switzerland has no DBA – cannot be reclaimed.

The taxation of fees received as a member of a board of directors is also regulated in double taxation agreements. The cantonal tax administrations dispose of the pertinent tariff scales.

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