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The SDC and SECO provide regular news and highlights from their projects in Lithuania. Besides the latest results and findings you can also find information on important events and short films.

Newsletter No. 9

A psychologist leading a group session with seven young people.
Switzerland supports 97 non-governmental subprojects that aim to foster social cohesion in Lithuania © Public institution GEBU

Lithuania, October 2016 – The newsletter provides information on the progress and results of projects in Lithuania. The current edition features three project descriptions. 

New methodologies and perspectives in linguistics

In the international research project Baltic Language Morphosyntax in Space and Time, researchers from the Universities of Vilnius and Zurich cooperate to investigate various new methodologies and perspectives in linguistics.

Online psychological therapy for cancer patients

Cancer patients and their families face various psychological problems. Professional onco-psychological support in Lithuania is still rudimentary. In this research project, the Lithuanian National Cancer Institute and the University of Bern are conducting an effectiveness study on online psychological therapy for cancer patients.

Prevention and assistance services for families forced to live apart due to migration

There have been various side effects of the high levels of emigration in Eastern Europe over the last decade. With financial support from the Swiss contribution the Lithuanian public institution GEBU has established a psychology centre. This centre combines integrated prevention and assistance services for families which have to live apart due to migration.

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