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The SDC and SECO provide regular news and highlights from their projects in the Slovak Republic. Besides the latest results and findings you can also find information on important events and short films.

Award for documentary film about Polana Biosphere Reserve

meadow with trees.
As a result of climate change and other environmental stress factors, many ecosystems are under threat. © SDC

Slovak Republic, Los Angeles, June 2016 – A short documentary film about the Polana Biosphere Reserve won the category of Best Foreign Documentary Short at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards in June 2016. The film was produced as part of the nature protection project “Development of Nature Conservation and of Protected areas in the Slovak Carpathians“. The documentary, which was directed by Ľubomír Viluda and Ivan Kršiak, shows mysterious natural treasures, monumental rocks, vestiges of past volcanic activity, forests, mountain meadows and the hard working people living in this charming corner of the Carpathians. Since then, the film has won awards for the best photography in Morocco and best ecological documentary in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Development of nature conservation and of protected areas in the Slovak Carpathians

Polana Film Trailer 

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

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