Overland transport

A container-trailer being loaded onto a train.
With the agreement on overland transport, the EU recognises the transfer of goods transport from road to rail. © HUPAC SA

The Agreement on overland transport of 1999 opens up the market for the transport of persons and goods by road and rail between Switzerland and the European Union (EU).

At the same time, it provides a contractual basis for the introduction of a heavy goods vehicle tax (HGV tax). Since its introduction in 2001, the HGV tax has helped fund both the development of the railway infrastructure in Switzerland and the transfer of goods transport from road to rail. In accepting the Agreement on overland transport, the EU officially recognised this aspect of Swiss transport policy.


  • 2005–2017: Adjustments in the HGV tax (2005, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2017)
  • 01.06.2002: Entry into force of the Agreement
  • 21.05.2000: Approval of the Agreement by the electorate in the popular vote on the Bilateral Agreements I (67.2% in favour)
  • 21.06.1999: Signing of the Agreement (in the framework of Bilateral Agreements I)

Status July 2019