Relations between Switzerland and the rest of Europe have been developing steadily. The highlights of this development process are listed here in chronological order.






Switzerland has ratified the supplementary agreement on participation in the European Internal Security Fund (ISF). It contributes to the improvement of the efficiency of controls and the protection of external Schengen borders.




Austria takes on the Presidency of the Council of the EU for a six-month term.


Entry into force of the law and regulations implementing the constitutional article on the regulation of immigration (Article 121a of the Constitution). The obligation to communicate vacancies publicly is key  for its implementation. This affects job categories with an unemployment rate of at least 8%. This threshold will be lowered to 5% from 1 January 2020.



Switzerland has initialed with the EU a participation in police cooperation established by the Prüm decisions. This  will improve the fight against international crime and terrorism.


The Federal Council activates the safeguard clause for Bulgaria and Romania. Starting from 1 June 2018 and for one year, the access to the Swiss labour market for Bulgarian and Romanian citizens applying for a new B-type residence permit will be restricted.




Bulgaria takes on the Presidency of the Council of the EU for a six-month term.

Chronology Relations Switzerland-EU 2018