Creative Europe (MEDIA/Culture)

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The "Creative Europe" programme supports the audiovisual and cultural sectors. © Rolf Weiss

"Creative Europe" is the European Union's programme to support the audiovisual and cultural sectors. The programme brings together and extends the MEDIA programme to support cinema and the Culture programme to support the cultural and creative sectors.

In addition to the EU's 28 member states, 11 other European states are currently participating in at least one of the two sub-programmes.


  • 14.11.2014: Start of negotiations on Switzerland's participation in "Creative Europe"
  • 07.11.2014: The EU approves negotiating mandate for Switzerland's participation in "Creative Europe"
  • 01.07.2014: Entry into force of a new ordinance issued by the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) on compensatory measures for the MEDIA programme (retroactively in effect from 1 January 2014) to compensate non-participation in the MEDIA programme in 2014 for the time being.
  • 16.04.2014: Federal Council approves "Culture" negotiating mandate
  • 31.12.2013: End of MEDIA programme 2007-2013
  • 13.09.2013: Federal Council approves mandate to negotiate renewal of MEDIA agreement for the 2014-2020 period.
  • 01.08.2010: Entry into force of "MEDIA 2007"
  • 11.10.2007: Signing of "MEDIA 2007" for the 2007-2013 period.
  • 01.04.2006: Entry into force of MEDIA agreement
  • 26.10.2004: Signing of first MEDIA agreement (within the framework of the Bilateral Agreements II)

Status May 2019

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