Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol, Phase II

Phase II of SECO?s support to the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol (HSAP) will focus on capacity development to sustainably plan, implement and operate hydropower plants in four selected priority countries (Albania, Colombia, Indonesia, Tajikistan) and on the co-financing of sustainability assessments in all SECO priority countries.

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01.12.2019 - 31.03.2024
CHF  3’000’000

With two-third of electricity generated from renewable energy being from hydropower, large potentials and a key role for integrating intermittent sources (wind, solar), hydropower sustainability is more relevant than ever to address climate change and economic development. As all hydropower installations affect water resources and most also have an impact on the environment and livelihoods of affected communities, a sustainable way to plan, implement and operate hydropower projects is essential. The HSAP, launched in 2011 as a consensual result of a wide stakeholder consultation, has a key role to play in reaching hydropower sustainability.


The overall objectives (impacts) of Phase II of SECO support to the HSAP are a strengthened institutional capacity to plan and develop sustainable hydropower in each targeted SECO priority country and increased opportunities for climate finance investment in hydropower projects.

Mittelfristige Wirkungen

Improved access to information and enhanced resource availability to elevate the way hydropower assets are planned, developed and operated

Strengthened institutional capacity to adopt international good practice to inform regulatory decisions, specify them in contractual agreements, etc.

Increased capacity to identify sustainability issues, bring forward the actions to address those issues, and monitor progress

Increased number of official assessments to support the growth of the HESG Tool market and contribute to the development of climate-aligned hydropower projects


Erwartete Resultate:  

National governments have the resources and knowledge to promote international good practice

National regulators, regional bodies, developers and project owners recognize international good practice in sustainable hydropower

Developers, operators and projects owners are proficient in applying the HESG Tool in internal assessments, and able to track performance using the Monitoring and Evaluation Tool

At least one national practitioner in each priority country achieves accredited assessor status and is able to undertake official HSAP and HESG Tool assessments

40 official assessments are conducted using the HESG Tool

Resultate von früheren Phasen:  

During HSAP Phase 1, Early Stage Assessments with the Protocol were made for five sites in Ghana and one site in Indonesia and related training was delivered to key stakeholders in both selected priority countries. The National Development Planning Agency of Indonesia expressed great interest in pursuing the program. A wider institutional reach was achieved with 60 international trainings and the active participation of the World Bank and Interamerican Development Bank in the Chamber for Financial Institutions. To address the reservations about a too comprehensive assessment procedure with associated high costs, Protocol derivatives were developed, including guidelines on Good International Industry Practice and a related Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) gap analysis tool (HESG tool) suitable for practitioners, institutional self-assessment and the qualification for climate financing.

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  • International Hydropower Association

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