Activities – various means

Switzerland has a long tradition of supporting countries and populations encountering problems of development or transition or experiencing humanitarian crises. © CICR/NG - Norman

As the Swiss Government's centre of competence for international cooperation, SDC is responsible for development cooperation with the South and East, multilateral cooperation as well as for Switzerland's humanitarian aid.

Development cooperation with the South

Helping the poor in Africa, Asia and Latin America to help themselves

Humanitarian Aid: saving lives and alleviating suffering

Direct and unbureaucratic help for people in need.

Swiss cooperation with Eastern Europe

Support for transition and reform processes in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

Multilateral cooperation

Sustainable solutions thanks to international cooperation with multilateral institutions

Global challenges

Climate change, food and water crises as well as migration are topics of concern to all mankind in a globalised world

Development policy

Development policy encompasses all political, economic and social measures to help improve living conditions in developing countries in a sustainable way

Research and culture

Research plays a fundamental part in reducing poverty and global threats. Art and culture are integral to peacebuilding and sustainable development