Priorities of cooperation with Eastern Europe

Young farmers sell their cream cheese at the local market
In Georgia, the SDC promotes the rural economy and aims to provide smallholder farmers with a stable income. © SDC

In order to make most effective use of the funds available for cooperation with Eastern Europe, Switzerland focuses on certain topics. In setting priorities, it takes account of the countries' needs and potential as well as Switzerland's expertise in the various thematic areas and regions. And lastly, political interests also play a role.

Thematic priorities

The SDC programme has set the following priorities in the area of transition cooperation:

  • Democratisation, decentralisation, and local governance
  • Health sector reform
  • Rural development (including agrarian supply chains)
  • Market-orientated vocational education and training
  • More efficient and equitable regional water-supply systems

The SDC and SECO enlargement contribution programmes are focused on:

  • Promoting economic growth and improving working conditions
  • Improving social security
  • Protecting the environment
  • Improving public safety and security
  • Strengthening civil society

Priority countries

 South Caucasus Central Asia Poland Czech Republic Slovak Republic Hungary Slovenia Lithuania Latvia Estonia Ukraine Bosnia Herzegovina Serbia Romania Moldova Bulgaria Malta Kosovo Macedonia Albania Cyprus