The following projects exemplify the activities of SDC in the domain of heath. They will be presented and discussed on the occasion of the Annual Development Cooperation Conference 2015, taking place 21 august, 2015.

A young man is writing on a board during a meeting.
Project Youth Friendly Health Services in Moldavia. © SDC

Access to medicines
Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) is a Swiss foundation whose mission is to develop and make available new, effective and affordable antimalarial drugs, with the help of partners. The panel will discuss the challenges involved and the opportunities presented by this innovative public-private approach.
Project: Access to medicines

Access to information
Good health has a lot to do with getting the right information. In Moldova, the SDC supports the Youth Friendly Health Services project, which offers young people impartial information on sexual and reproductive health and healthy living at 38 health centres across the country.
Project: Access to information

Access to healthcare services

From an administrative viewpoint alone, providing access to healthcare services can be an enormous challenge. The panel will discuss the innovative solutions developed by the Health Insurance for the Poor project and explain how one project in Tanzania is offering good basic healthcare.   
Health Promotion and System Strengthening (Phase 1)

Health Promotion and System Strengthening (Phase 2)