Evaluation management

The SDC steers the evaluation processes and ensures their quality. Evaluation management is broken down into several steps.

The Evaluation and Corporate Controlling division is responsible for the process and quality ofcountry evaluations and independent evaluations commissioned by the senior management. This division is part of the Staff of the Directorate and independent of the operational divisions. The evaluations themselves are carried out by external experts. 

Evaluation und Corporate Controlling division 

In addition, the SDC's different departments and project managers commission around 100 project or programme-specific evaluations (reviews) every year.

Evaluation procedure

The SDC's evaluation management procedure is broken down into a number of different stages, depending on the type of evaluation and responsibilities. 

  • Needs assessment and priority-setting
    An evaluation is deemed worthwhile if objective evidence is needed for decision-making purposes.
  • Planning of the evaluation
    The authority that commissions the evaluation defines the purpose, objectives, questions, general methodological approach, timing and budget for the evaluation.
  • Drafting of the terms of reference and awarding of the contract Mandates are awarded to external consulting teams in accordance with the procurement guidelines.
  • Supervision of evaluation activities
    During the implementation stage, the evaluation manager is responsible for maintaining contact with all parties involved, especially the evaluation team, and for ensuring compliance with the terms of reference as well as for observing the standards and independence. The evaluation manager also oversees the quality of the interim reports and the final report issued by the evaluation team.
  • Learning group
    In the case of independent evaluations, a learning group oversees the evaluation process to promote the implementation of the recommendations
  • Management response
    The SDC's senior management or the operational line management takes position on the recommendations set out in the evaluation and elaborates an action plan for their implementation
  • Reporting
    The evaluations are distributed internally and externally and published on the Confederation's 'External Studies' database portal.
  • Utilisation of the evaluation
    The relevant operational unitimplements the action plan.