Visions du Réel

Friday, 05.04.2019 – Saturday, 13.04.2019

Public event

Overhead shot of the festive evening atmosphere at the festival, with film enthusiasts and documentary film professionals chatting at the festival venue.
Festive atmosphere at the Visions du Réel film festival © Pierre Descombes © Pierre Descombes

The Visions du Réel international film festival in Nyon is an unmissable event for film enthusiasts and documentary film professionals. The SDC supports the festival, which screens documentaries from around the world, including the South and East.

Over the past 50 years, Visions du Réel – Switzerland's only documentary film festival – has gained international recognition as a not-to-be-missed event for documentary film professionals as well as film lovers eager to discover a wide range of perspectives on and from all parts of the world. The SDC supports Visions du Réel, which aims to give film-makers and producers from the South and East greater access not only to the Swiss public, but also to the international film market. Various film projects are supported and promoted in their different stages of progress from their inception right up to the actual screening. The most outstanding project from the South and the East will receive the CHF 10,000 Visions Sud Est Award.

Location: Nyon