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The topic of international cooperation can be covered in various ways in the classroom. The SDC, the éducation21 foundation and Alliance Sud provide teachers with a range of information and materials for stimulating classroom activities on this theme. 

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School project and teaching materials on humanity andfor raising awareness among young people (13-18 years old)

Growing humanitarian needs, regional and international crises, violence, conflicts, natural disasters and complex regional situations such as forced displacement and migration – these are all humanitarian challenges that require sustainable solutions. 

The principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence form the basis of all humanitarian operations worldwide. Project Humanity is a school project with teaching materials for pupils aged 13 to 18 years, aimed at facilitating in-depth discussion of these humanitarian principles. The pupils not only learn about the subject, they also have the opportunity to form their own opinions. They learn about their own and others' points of view and increase their willingness to act on these issues. 

The teaching materials are modular and can be carried out either as a single project or in blocks. The time required is between one and a half and five days. Interested teachers receive free pedagogical support on request. An online exchange with humanitarian experts is also included.

Project Humanity


The éducation21 foundation coordinates and promotes education for sustainable development (ESD) in Switzerland. It helps to prepare children and young people for their future in an increasingly complex world. éducation21 provides teachers, school administrators and other stakeholders with pedagogically approved teaching media, information and advice as well as financial support for school and class projects.

éducation21 has sales and rental locations in Bern, Lausanne, Bellinzona and Zurich.



Web portal "Filme für eine Welt"

The web portal "Filme für eine Welt" run by the éducation21 foundation provides information on films and videos from and about the global South and the East in the areas of development and the meeting of cultures.

Filme für eine Welt (fr, de, it) 

Institutions and catalogues

Further information on international cooperation can be obtained from the following institutions and in the catalogues listed below:


Alliance Sud

The public documentation centre of Alliance Sud is a development-policy umbrella organisation composed of the six major Swiss aid agencies which provides information on development cooperation in general and on specific countries, regions and topics such as tourism, development and child labour.

Alliance Sud InfoDoc

The Alliance Sud multimedia portal provides a range of multimedia content such as podcasts, infographics, photos and blogs.

Alliance Sud multimedia portal (fr, de)
Alliance Sud

These services are free of charge.

Learning materials on development cooperation

These learning materials aim to get pupils in lower-secondary schools interested in the core objectives of development cooperation.

Learning materials

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