East Asia Division

The East Asia Division’s priority countries and regions are Mongolia and the Mekong states (Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar). The division also shares expertise with Chinese development partners on development cooperation work. With the opening of a Swiss embassy in Myanmar in 2012 and the launch of an extensive development programme, the SDC has stepped up its engagement in fragile contexts. The East Asia Division is committed to reducing inequalities, promoting human rights and supporting ongoing democratisation processes. In addition, it is active in the areas of local governance and decentralisation, agriculture and food security, public health and vocational skills development. Together with SECO, the East Asia Division is also responsible for the Swiss contribution to the Asian Development Bank, one of the key multilateral development institutions in the region. Switzerland’s consultant for development effectiveness coordinates the global processes aimed at improving the effectiveness of international cooperation efforts between partners and donor countries. The consultant is attached to the East Asia Division and is responsible for the entire SDC.