Strategic objectives

Switzerland’s international cooperation for the period 2017–2020 is based on seven clearly defined objectives that aim to achieve the vision of a world without poverty and in peace.

Through its international cooperation, Switzerland is committed to reducing poverty and global risks, alleviating suffering and promoting peace and respect for human rights. To fulfil the vision of a world without poverty and in peace, for sustainable development, Switzerland’s international cooperation places the individual at the centre of all its activities. It responds both to emergency and long-term situations, looking for ways to harmonise its activities by means of a wide range of complementary instruments.

The strategic objectives that Switzerland pursues in its international cooperation – which are accorded equal importance – are the following:

An international framework to address global challenges

Global challenges by definition require collective action geared to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Preventing and dealing with crises, conflicts and disasters

Switzerland’s international cooperation aims to protect and support populations affected by conflicts, disasters and other crises before, during and after tragic events.

Ensure long-term access to resources and services

A life in dignity requires permanent access to essential resources and services, especially employment, food, water, healthcare and education.

Promoting sustainable economic growth

Switzerland’s international cooperation promotes growth that creates jobs and increases productivity, helps reduce poverty and disparities, and protects the environment.

Strengthening democratic governance

Good governance is essential because individuals' living conditions depend on rules and the institutions that govern them.

Protecting human rights and freedoms

Switzerland is committed to defending human rights in numerous partner countries and within the framework of multilateral institutions.

Strengthening gender equality and women’s rights

Switzerland’s international cooperation aims to achieve gender equality while taking into account the different roles and needs of women and men in each individual society.