An international framework to address global challenges

Switzerland advocates responsible collective action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable development, respect for human rights, peacebuilding and effective humanitarian action rely on negotiated policies and rules that are complied with throughout the world.

Global challenges concern every individual, every country and every region, and, by definition, they require collective action. To be effective, this action must be based on equitable policies and rules that are conducive to sustainable development.

Switzerland is active in a wide range of international bodies to advance the international agendas for the world’s most disadvantaged on the issues of food security, climate change, the environment, water, migration, health, as well as trade and finance. It is active in promoting and developing an international framework that fosters human rights, peace and humanitarian action.

From the local to the global

Switzerland’s international cooperation relies on experience gained and lessons learnt on the ground to exercise an influence in the international context, especially within multilateral institutions. At the same time, it ensures that this international exposure benefits its operational activities.

Switzerland is careful to give priority to, and to raise the visibility of the needs of people and organisations directly concerned in the countries of the South and the East:

  • It is committed to ensuring that the needs of poor people are taken into account and that their voice is heard at the international level.
  • It promotes regional institutions that are keen to find solutions and strengthen regional cohesion.
  • It assists partner countries in developing appropriate policies and standards for addressing global challenges.