A man grows cocoa.
Indonesia grows cocoa on a large scale. © DEZA

The following projects exemplify the activities of SDC and SECO. They will be presented and discussed on the occasion of the Annual Conference of Swiss Development Cooperation, taking place 22 January, 2016.

Restore river weirs - Chad

Switzerland was particularly involved in developing the goal on water, an area in which it was able to contribute knowledge and a great many years of experience. In Chad in central Africa, Switzerland is implementing a project to restore river weirs, which will lead to a more sustainable use of resources.  The project already combines economy, ecology and social responsibility, the three dimensions of sustainable development. And since every goal also applies to Switzerland, the discussion will show how Switzerland itself intends to implement the water goal.

Higher yields and better quality cocoa harvests - Indonesia

Indonesia grows cocoa on a large scale. It is now the third biggest producer worldwide. A large public-private partnership will illustrate the financing of the Sustainable Development Goals, which will need both public and private sector investment. The project is helping around 60,000 farmers conserve natural resources – and achieve higher yields and better quality cocoa harvests – by encouraging private direct investment, innovative financing solutions and a better regulatory environment.

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