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Information about the FDFA; dossiers on foreign policy themes, speeches by the head of department, information for journalists

Foreign policy

Themes such as the policy on Europe, human rights and humanitarian policy, migration, international law, the Swiss financial centre and shape foreign policy

Representations and travel advice

Systematically ordered data on more than 190 countries; travel advice (in German, French and Italian) on more than 150 countries; travel tips

Living abroad

Information about emigration, stays abroad and returning to Switzerland, as well as information of relevance to Swiss nationals living abroad

Entry into Switzerland and residence

Requirements for entry to and stay in Switzerland, depending on the type of visit, duration of stay and nationality of the persons entering the country

Services and publications

Advice on the security situation in more than 150 countries; information on emigrating, entry into Switzerland and on Switzerland as a location; current publications

Working at FDFA

The FDFA offers a wide array of interesting professional opportunities, both at home and abroad

FDFA Helpline

Practical advice for the Swiss Abroad; the FDFA helpline is there for you 24/7 all year round; phone: +41 (0) 800 24-7-365