A civil society evening hosted by the Embassy of Switzerland to Serbia

Local news, 05.12.2019

The Embassy of Switzerland hosted an event for its civil society partners. The gathering was an opportunity to thank the partners for the great cooperation and work in this year.

Embassy of Switzerland Civil Society evening
Embassy of Switzerland Civil Society evening ©Embassy of Switzerland to Serbia

During this year, Switzerland has supported several projects in different areas working closely with civil society organizations.

Referring to the achieved results and the importance of the civil society sector, representatives of the Embassy of Switzerland, Councilor and Deputy Head, Mr. Jean-Luc Oesch, and Ms. Sascha Müller, Head of Governance Unit and Regional Governance Adviser, highlighted their satisfaction concerning the cooperation and expressed their willingness to continue to jointly reach great results in the years to come.

Mr. Oesch stressed that this traditional event is primarily a way to thank the partners of the Swiss Embassy for their engagement throughout the year. He further outlined the importance of the work of civil society organizations (CSOs) in an environment where (globally) the space for the civil society is shrinking, while CSOs are more needed than ever as watchdogs to the work and actions of governments all over the world, including in Serbia. He concluded by stressing that the role of CSOs will also be important in 2020, an election year in Serbia.

Ms. Müller announced the official launch of a new Swiss supported program - “For an Active Civil Society Together – ACT” on the 17th December and said that this program will strengthen civil society organizations and increase citizens’ engagement in decision-making, especially at the local level. She underlined that besides ACT, Switzerland together with GiZ, is supporting society-wide dialogue on the priorities of Agenda 2030 and the engagement of civil society in this process through multi-stakeholder platforms.