President Schneider-Ammann meets European Commission President Juncker

Press releases, 16.07.2016

President Johann N. Schneider-Ammann met with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on the fringes of the 11th ASEM Summit (Asia-Europe Meeting) in Mongolia on Saturday, 16 July. They discussed the state of ongoing talks between Switzerland and the European Union on a mutually acceptable solution to implementing Article 121a of the Federal Constitution with the framework of the existing Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons.

The talks surrounding the new constitutional provisions on immigration also covered the timeframe and defined deadlines for implementing a solution. The two sides acknowledged that the outcome of the UK referendum had complicated efforts to find a solution within the timeframe set out in the constitution. However, the two men stressed the common interest on the part of Switzerland and the EU in consolidating and further developing the bilateral path. Mr Schneider-Ammann and Mr Juncker would like to intensify technical discussions in the coming weeks and meet again in the near future (19 September 2016).

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