Portrait of the Ambassador, Florence Tinguely Mattli
Ambassador Florence Tinguely Mattli ©FDFA

Dear visitors,


It is an honor to welcome you to the official website of the Embassy of Switzerland in Qatar. Here, you can gather valuable information about Switzerland and familiarize yourself with the services offered by our Embassy.

2023 is a special year as it marks fifty years of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and the State of Qatar. Furthermore, the Swiss Embassy in Qatar is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The Embassy provides the full spectrum of diplomatic and consular services, and issues thousands of visas to residents in Qatar and Kuwait traveling to Switzerland.

Both Switzerland and Qatar, with their distinct cultures, play impactful roles on the global stage. Our nations have a history of hosting significant international events across various sectors, reflecting our dedication to hospitality and excellence.

Education stands out in both our countries. Qatar’s “Education City” hosts branches of several renowned international universities. Similarly, Switzerland is recognized worldwide for its renowned Technical Institutes and colleges, universities, state-of-the-art research centers and private schools. Economically, both nations stand strong. As a result, our residents experience a high standard of living, characterized by high-quality healthcare and infrastructure.

The Embassy remains committed to strengthening our bilateral ties across all fields. If you have questions, suggestions, or require assistance, my dedicated team and I stand ready to assist.

Florence Tinguely Mattli

Ambassador of Switzerland to the State of Qatar