Programmes/projects in Slovakia

As part of the second Swiss Contribution to selected EU member states, the Swiss-Slovak Cooperation Programme contributes to implement strategic reforms of Slovakia, it aims at improving the lives of its people, and it will strengthen existing and create new Swiss-Slovak partnerships between competent institutions in the thematic areas of cooperation. These areas were selected based on recognized needs of Slovakia in fields where Switzerland can offer added value with its expertise and experience.

The Framework Agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the Government of the Slovak Republic was signed in September 2023 and foresees three separate programmes for:

  • improving quality and attractiveness of the initial and higher vocational education and training
  • promoting sustainable tourism and strengthening biodiversity in protected areas
  • preventing and controlling non-communicable diseases and promoting healthy lifestyles

This second Swiss Contribution to Slovakia amounts to 44.2 million Swiss francs, and all programmes and projects have to be implemented until the end of 2029.