Dear Visitor,

A warm welcome to the website of the Embassy of Switzerland in Denmark. It should provide you with some basic information about Switzerland and help you to establish useful contacts in and with Switzerland. I hope that the knowledge in Denmark about my country can be enhanced and the political, economic and cultural exchanges deepened.

Switzerland and Denmark have quite a few things in  common. I do not think only of the two national flags with their white cross on a red background, but also of the well performing economies, which are marked today by high tech industries and modern service sectors. Both countries are today important trade nations, despite their very different geographic locations - Switzerland in the heart of Europe and Denmark surrounded by the sea.

In addition to all these common factors, both countries share visions about most of the central themes of modern society, such as sustainable development, environmental protection, demographic development, healthcare, or education and science. These numerous similarities and points of contact lead to a fruitful and intensive co-operation between both countries, their governments and citizens. It is the task of the Embassy to facilitate and enhance this co-operation. 

With this in mind, and in the context of today`s trend towards transparancy, the Embassy of Switzerland in Denmark created an innovative concept that won the Danish Design Award in 2017: The Open Embassy - an open and accessible form of diplomacy that puts dialogue and cultural exchange into centre. The concept combines the traditional world of diplomacy and embassy practice with event-based cultural and artistic exchange between Swiss and Danish interest groups (www.openembassy.dk). Furthermore, as a part of the Open Embassy concept, I initiated regular Pop-up embassy events, where I relocate my office to a café in the city of Copenhagen.. People can then join me and ask me everything they`ve always wanted to know about Switzerland over coffee (or tea). 

Benedikt Wechsler 

The ambassador of Switzerland in Denmark