In line with the FDFA Guidelines on Partnering with Sponsors to increase external transparency about the partnerships entered into by Switzerland’s embassies and consulates abroad, we are providing a list of the current-year sponsorship partners and the corresponding events.

For 2022, our confirmed partners are (last update on 13.02.2023):

Rotary Club Toggenburg                                   Visit Rotary Club

Switzerland Global Enterprise                         Swiss Wine Tasting

Swiss Wine Promotion                                      Swiss Wine Tasting

International Rehabilitation Council

for Torture Victims                                             Justice Start with Trust

Jura/Scandinavian Coffeesystem Aps          Swiss National Day

Danish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce          Denmark & Switzerland, the                                                                                               Inflation and Central Bank

MIX COPENHAGEN Film Festival                   Movie "Beyto"

Embassy of Ukraine in Denmark                  Charity exhibition