Economy and Trade in Denmark

Economic Relations

The economic and commercial relations between Switzerland and Denmark are well developed. Relative geographic proximity and similar economic realities and structures do allow positive expectations for the future.

Interest in direct investment in both directions is lively, globalization is at work. Telecommunications, IT, food and beverages as well as tourism are among the economic sectors which have seen increasing interaction between the two countries in the last few years.

Swiss and Danes pride themselves in their manufacturers of high-tech products. They sell such components to each other, or are the protagonists in the quest for providing the best possible goods at the most competitive price.

Danish masterpieces in bridge-building contain some essential elements of Swiss origin and the frontrunners in the hearing-aid industry are firms from Switzerland and Denmark.

Trade Fairs in Switzerland

Detailed Information on trade fairs held in Switzerland can be obtained from the online calendar at the web-site of Business Network Switzerland (OSEC).

Trade Fairs in Denmark

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