Official holidays

List of Ghanaian and Swiss Public Holidays for 2018
01.01.2018 Monday New Year
02.01.2018 Tuesday Saint Berchtold
06.03.2018 Tuesday Independence Day
30.03.2018 Friday Good Friday
02.04.2018 Monday Easter Monday
01.05.2018 Tuesday International Labour Day
25.05.2018 Friday African Union Day
15.06.2018 Friday Eid El-Fitr (to be confirmed)
02.07.2018 Monday Republic Day (1st of July, to be confirmed)
22.08.2018 Wednesday Eil El-Adha (to be confirmed)
21.09.2018 Friday Founder's Day
07.12.2018 Friday Farmers' Day
24.12.2018 Monday Christmas Eve
25.12.2018 Tuesday Christmas   
26.12.2018 Wednesday Boxing Day
31.12.2018 Monday New Year's Eve