Public holidays

04.01.2023 Wednesday Independence Day 
02.03.2023 Thursday Peasant Day 
11.04.2023 Tuesday Thingyan Water Festival
12.04.2023 Wednesday Thingyan Water Festival  
13.04.2023 Thursday Thingyan Water Festival 
14.04.2023 Friday Thingyan Water Festival
17.04.2023 Monday Thingyan Water Festival
01.05.2023 Monday May Day/Labour Day
03.05.2023 Wednesday Full Moon Day of Kasone
19.07.2023 Wednesday Martyrs' Day
01.08.2023 Tuesday Full Moon Day of Waso/Swiss National Day
30.10.2023 Monday Thadingyut Holiday
27.11.2023 Monday Full Moon Day of Tazaungmone
25.12.2023 Monday Christmas Day
26.12.2023 Tuesday Stephanstag
July/August Will be notified Eid-al-adha
Oct/Nov Will be notified Deepavali
Public Holidays 2023