Statement by the Embassy of Switzerland in Singapore on the death penalty case of Mr. Micheal Anak Garing

Thursday, 21.03.2019 – Tuesday, 31.12.2019


The Embassy of Switzerland in Singapore calls on the Singapore authorities to halt the execution of Mr. Micheal Anak Garing, to commute his sentence to a non-capital sentence and to adopt a moratorium on all executions.

Today, more than two thirds of the countries of the world have become abolitionist in law or practice which confirms a global trend towards abolition of the death penalty. Switzerland holds a principled position against the death penalty and is opposed to the use of capital punishment under any circumstances. No compelling evidence exists to show that the death penalty serves as a deterrent to crime more efficient than imprisonment. Furthermore, any errors - inevitable in any legal system - are irreversible. Switzerland will continue supporting the universal trend towards the eradication of the death penalty.

A similar statement by the EU and Norway can be found here:

EU Local Statement: Death penalty case of Mr Micheal Anak Garing in Singapore

Location: Singapore