Passing the City through you: Exhibition Catherine Gfeller

Wednesday, 24.09.2014 – Sunday, 09.11.2014

Cultural event

Different installations retrace their forms in this city. The visitors will be strolling smoothly in a zigzag path between photographs, videos and sound installations. Fixed images, moving images, sentences mirror the sensory experience of the city. The photos and videos will be arranged abundantly, in the manner of streets, avenues, pedestrians, traffic, intersections in way of a city that is extending itself and crawling with activity.
The exhibition will be held in the Gertrude Posel Gallery as well as the Cafeteria area visible from the street, also at night.

Detail of the installation :
Large photographs will be hung on the big walls of the Gallery (urban landscapes, figures, passers-by, traffic, etc).
These are not documentary shots but rather a succession of friezes where images are composed by collage, montage, superimposition. The way they are displayed create an intense rhythm, a dynamic pulsation combining still images and moving images.
In the central space, different flat screen TV’s will be placed on the floor.
The screen that will be placed in the middle will have a pair of speakers that will distribute the sound for all the screens. Thus, visitors discretely perceive sounds sourced from the streets, reworked so as to become an incantatory tempo.
Cushions will be added so that the visitors can get comfortable and have the time to
watch the videos in more detail.
The central area will be dimmed so that the visitor can watch the videos and the flat screen TV’s without having to darken the area completely in order to use projectors.
The staggered TV’s will give the impression that the viewer is seeing one film only which is interrupted, resumes and skips the sequence of events.

In the cube, a videotryptich will be projected.
There will also be an intercative space where viewers will be invited to participate and express themselves. Tables, chairs, stationery, photocopying, booklets, pens will be
available for the visitors to write about their experiences of their city and respond to what is showcased or to the sentences “the words from the city” that will be placed as vinyl lettering on the ramp.
The aim is to create a dialogue with the people, the players and give them a voice - especially since they are the subject this exhibition
Around the exhibition, various events will be organized:
- Musical performance by Jill Richards for the opening, well known pianist in Johannesburg 25th of September 2014
- Talkabout by Catherine Gfeller through the exhibition with various public 27th of September 2014
- Special evening at the museum with a screening of Catherine Gfeller’s movie "Words of artists /Portraits of artists, Swiss contemporary art in twelve portraits.” 30st September 2014

This exhibition will be a concrete opportunity to conduct further such exchanges and the focuses on the future.
We hope that after this exhibition, Catherine Gfeller could help facilitate for local artists to get invited by Swiss museums and design a group exhibition.
Face-to-face between the two countries so opposite open a field of unique experiences.
That is why the radiation exposure "Passing the City through you" WAM will be important, on the one hand, show and share our visions and, secondly, launch the extension of collaborations.
As the exhibition includes an interactive room where visitors express their views, this will cause an impact which will circulate ideas.
We hope that this call with the exhibition « Passing the City through you » will find a significant echo.

Exhibition Flyer (PDF, Number of pages 4, 1.0 MB, English)

Location: The Wits Arts Museum Johannesburg