Science and Technology Office in South Africa

About us

The Science and Technology Office at the Embassy of Switzerland is proudly implementing the mandate of the Swiss State Secretariat for Education Research and Innovation (SERI) and is an integral part of the Swissnex Network, a key component of Swiss foreign policy to promote science, technology, innovation and higher education.

The primary objective of the mandate is a vibrant collaboration between Switzerland and South Africa in education, research and innovation. The collaboration is achieved through connecting, facilitating and supporting Swiss and South Africa researchers, start-ups and academia. Additionally, the Science and Technology office aims to promote the visibility of Swiss higher education and research institutions, start-ups and other innovation-driven partner organizations. 

Our key partners are higher education and research institutions; governmental and publicly funded institutions; start-ups and innovation-driven companies; non-governmental, non-profit organisations; creative industries linked to education, research, or innovation.

Today, Switzerland and South Africa are collaborating on cutting edge research projects touching multiple domains and having a direct impact on society.  

Specific Areas of Expertise

Education, Research and Innovation

How Switzerland and the country work together on education