Federal Council adopts report Assessment of Swiss-EU relations

Press releases, 09.06.2023

At its meeting on 9 June 2023, the Federal Council definitively adopted the report on relations between Switzerland and the European Union and submitted it to the Federal Assembly. The report was deliberated in December 2022 and adopted subject to the outcome of the consultation of the Foreign Affairs Committees of both chambers of Parliament.


The report 'Assessment of the status of relations between Switzerland and the EU' provides an overview of current bilateral Swiss-EU relations, an assessment of the current situation with regard to European policy and an outlook. It concludes that the bilateral approach remains the most advantageous solution for Switzerland. A draft of the report was published after the Federal Council meeting on 9 December 2022.

The Foreign Affairs Committees of both chambers of Parliament discussed the draft at their January and February meetings. The Federal Council took the outcome of the consultation into consideration when establishing the final version of the report. With the consultation, the Federal Council responded to Parliament's request to be more closely involved in Switzerland’s European policy. The definitive version of the report was submitted today to the Federal Assembly after the Federal Council’s meeting.

The Federal Council is currently having the key parameters of a negotiating mandate drawn up. At the same time, it is continuing its talks with the EU in order to establish common ground to start negotiations. As before, the Federal Council will continue to work closely with the Foreign Policy Committees of the Federal Assembly for upcoming decisions on European policy.

Assessment of the situation in Switzerland-EU relations (DE)(pdf, 405kb)

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