Ukraine: Switzerland implements new sanctions against Belarus

Press releases, 30.08.2023

On 30 August, the Federal Council decided to adopt further sanctions against Belarus to bring Switzerland in line with the latest measures adopted by the European Union (EU) on 3 August. The changes will come into effect at 6pm on 30 August. More than 40 individuals and entities were added to the sanctions list on 15 August.

In view of Belarus's continued involvement in Russia's ongoing military aggression against Ukraine, the Federal Council adopted further sanctions against Belarus on 30 August. The Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER), in its capacity as Switzerland's competent body, already imposed sanctions on 38 persons and 3 entities on 15 August.

The Federal Council will adopt with effect from 30 August the remaining measures adopted by the EU on 3 August. These measures bring the sanctions against Belarus more closely into line with the sanctions imposed against Russia. They include an export ban on goods and technology for use in the aviation and space industry. Besides aviation and space industry vehicles, the list of goods includes turbojets, turbopropellers and rubber tyres. For aviation and space industry items that are also frequently used in the medical sector, exemptions apply subject to authorisation.

The measures also extend the list of goods which contribute to Belarus's military and technological enhancement. For example, no semiconductor devices or electronic integrated circuits may now be exported to Belarus.

Finally, the existing export bans on dual-use goods and technologies, and on goods contributing to the military and technological enhancement of Belarus have been aligned with the export bans applicable to Russia. Specifically, where there was previously an exemption with regard to the prohibition of exports necessary to ensure the cyber and information security of persons and companies in Belarus, a licence will now be required. By adopting this measure, the Federal Council seeks to ensure that no strategic goods reach Belarus in circumvention of the rules.

Today's Federal Council decision reflects Switzerland's continued close partnership with the EU with regard to sanctions.

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