Czech Republic: New Tram Line for Olomouc

Article, 09.12.2013

On 29 November 2013, the city of Olomouc in the eastern part of the Czech Republic was scene to the festive inauguration of a new tram line financed by the Swiss Enlargement Contribution. Thanks to the new line, an urban district with 15,000 inhabitants was able to be connected to the city team network. In the future, it is estimated that one million public-transport passengers per year will be travelling along this new, 1.4 km-long tram-line stretch.

The construction of a new tram line in Olomouc in the Czech Republic makes the public transport system more reliable and thus increases the demand for it.
Ceremonial opening of the new section of tram line with the Mayor of Olomouc (M. Novotný, 4th from left), the Swiss ambassador in Prague (M.-A. Antonietti, 5th from left) and the head of the Swiss contribution office in Prague (A . Hagen, 5th from right). © SECO

The city of Olomouc is the sixth largest city in the Czech Republic. Until now, the Nové Sady district was not connected to the tram network and was accessible only by car or bus. With the construction of the new tram line, the project pursues the goal of enhancing the reliability and the comfort of public transport, while increasing the number of users. By promoting the utilisation of public transport and replacing buses by the tram, the project contributes to the mitigation of greenhouse-gas emissions and to the improvement of the local air quality.

The newly built tram line is embedded into an overall strategy targeted at rejuvenating the Nové Sady district. In addition to the construction of the 1.4-km-long tram line and the outfitting of three user-friendly tram stops for the disabled, new pedestrian and cycle paths were designed, and a new commercial and cultural centre provided with easy access. At present, the city of Olomouc is already working on plans for an extension of the tram line to enable other parts of the Nové Sady district to be linked to the tram system.

Construction of the tram line took place from September 2012 to November 2013. The overall project budget came to approx. CHF 13 million, with the city of Olomouc participating with a contribution to the tune of CHF 2 million. Altogether, Switzerland’s Enlargement Contribution is financing 38 projects in the Czech Republic for a total amount of approx. CHF 104 million. In addition to the project whose completion was just celebrated, financing has been earmarked for an additional five projects aimed at enhancing the safety and reliability of the local and regional public transport system.