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Foreign policy strategy 2016-2019

The objective of the strategy is to safeguard Switzerland's interests, independence, well-being and security. Strategy


Discuss, ask and exchange

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Through its international cooperation activities, Switzerland works to encourage global sustainable development in a way that respects the environment through the sustainable management of natural resources. © SDC

Dispatch International Cooperation 2017–2020

Switzerland is committed to combating poverty, discrimination, exclusion and vulnerability in its partner countries. Dispatch


Two refugees walk in front of tents in a refugee camp of Tunisia

Refugee and migration

Switzerland is committed at several levels to protecting refugees, internally displaced persons and migrants.

FDFA commitment 

A Syrian woman carries her child.

Swiss involvement on behalf of victims of the Syrian crisis

Switzerland intervenes in Syria as well as in neighbouring countries.


International human rights conventions

An overview of what they contain and which ones Switzerland has ratified.


Didier Burkhalter

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Swiss Position on a Framework for Sustainable Development Post-2015

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Heads of state and governments adopted the 2030 Agenda. All states are called upon to contribute to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals over the next 15 years.

2030 Agenda

Image showing the European and Swiss flags

Bilateral way

The bilateral approach allows Switzerland to represent its interests with the EU in the best way. The Federal Council is aiming to conclude an institutional agreement to revive this approach.

Bilateral way dossier

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