Agriculture and Food Security

SDC Cambodia

Market vendor in Phnom Penh
Market vendor in Phnom Penh © SDC/Fritz Hutmacher

In order to improve rural livelihoods, Switzerland contributes to revitalising the agriculture sector and advancing food security in line with national priorities. It promotes diversified crop production and facilitate value chains and market linkages. Furthermore, Switzerland  strengthens sustainable and equitable access to and control over community land and production means. Switzerland also continues to support mine clearance.

SDC worldwide

Farmer working in a maize field in Nicaragua
Farmer working in a maize field in Nicaragua ©SDC

In many developing countries, agriculture plays a highly important role in terms of food security and is often a significant contributor to the national economy. By supporting farmers in the areas of production, marketing and the sustainable use of resources, the SDC is making a substantial contribution to poverty reduction.

The SDC's worldwide engagement