Registration in the register of the Swiss Abroad

Are you obliged to register?

Yes, if you are a Swiss citizen, have taken up residence abroad, and are not registered with a Swiss municipality neither with another Swiss representation.

You have to register within 90 days after the announcement of departure to a foreign country and show a certificate of departure issued by the municipality of the last place of residence in Switzerland.

Registration will facilitate future administrative dealings with the Swiss representation responsible for your place of residence abroad, such as applications for Swiss passports and identity documents, transcription of a civil status event, registration for voting, etc.

How to apply?

Leaving Switzerland to take up residence abroad

You are living in Switzerland and about to take up residence abroad. When registering with the Swiss representation responsible for your new place of domicile you will need to submit the following documents, in original or good quality copies:

  • Complete the registration form via the online desk or fill in the "Application for registration at a Swiss representation" and submit it duly completed, dated and signed;
  • the valid Swiss passport or identity card of all members of your family;
  • for the family member with foreign nationality: an official document of identity (passport or identity card);
  • the certificate of departure issued by the municipality of the last place of residence in Switzerland;
  • if available, the certificate of origin;
  • if available, the family certificate or individual civil status certificate.

If you are a Swiss citizen and do not possess any valid Swiss identity document, please submit the following documents:

  • a valid official foreign ID document (passport or identity document);
  • for single persons: an individual certificate of civil status (can be obtained from the civil status office of your municipality of origin in Switzerland);
  • for families: a family certificate (can be obtained from the civil status office of your municipality of origin in Switzerland).

If you are unable to print the “Application for registration at a Swiss representation" form, inform the Swiss representation responsible for your place of residence, which will then gladly forward you the necessary documentation.

The documents necessary for your registration can be forwarded by e-mail or regular mail to the Swiss representation responsible for your place of residence.

The Swiss representation concerned will be glad to receive you in person during normal visiting hours for the purpose of registration.

What should you report?

You should report any event that affects your personal situation, notably:

  • on taking up residence in the consular district, for registration
  • any changes of address, telephone number or email address
  • an event affecting your civil status (birth, marriage, divorce, death)
  • acquisition or loss of citizenship
  • final departure from the consular district

Informing foreign authorities of your place of residence

Registration with a Swiss representation does not exempt you from the obligation to inform the foreign authorities of your arrival. It is your responsibility to enter into direct contact with the foreign authorities competent for your place of residence so that you may take the necessary steps to obtain a residence permit. In some countries, you might need formal authorisation prior to entering their territory. The Swiss representation cannot assist you in this matter.

You will find a list (non-exhaustive) of competent foreign authorities for reporting your arrival and obtaining a residence permit on this webpage under Useful documents and links.

Registration of Swiss citizens

The Consular Section at the Embassy of Switzerland in Pakistan will be pleased to assist you at any time. Should you require additional information concerning the subjects dealt with in this website, or other subjects, please contact us by telephone or e-mail.

The following persons should register with their local Swiss mission abroad:

  • Swiss citizens who intend to stay in the consular district for more than 12 months;
  • Swiss citizens who acquire Swiss nationality by birth, naturalisation or adoption and who are already living in the consular district.

The register is intended to give an overall picture of Swiss nationals living in the consular district. Registration, which is obligatory, also provides the details required for the fulfilment of official functions, such as issuing new passports, registering births, marriages etc.

It is possible to register in person (Monday-Friday: 09.00-12.00 hours) or by post. In the latter case you are kindly asked to indicate your exact address so that all the necessary documentation can be sent to you. If you wish to register in person, you should bring with you your valid Swiss passports and/or ID cards as well as those of all family members; your certificate of origin (Heimatschein/acte d'origine); if possible the Family Booklet; and - for those who are subject to military service obligations - the document Leave of Absence Abroad (Auslandurlaub, congé pour l'étranger). If your Swiss documents are no longer valid please contact the Embassy to find out the procedure to be followed.

The registration form in different languages can be downloaded here. Please do not send the form to the Embassy without the above-mentioned documents.