Official holidays

02.01.2017  Monday  St. Berchtold's Day 
23.03.2017 Thursday  Pakistan Day 
14.04.2017  Friday  Good Friday 
17.04.2017  Monday  Easter Monday 
26.06.2017  Monday  Eid ul Fitr* 
27.06.2017  Tuesday  Eid ul Fitr* 
01.08.2017  Tuesday  National Day of Switzerland 
14.08.2017  Monday  Independence Day of Pakistan 
01.09.2017  Friday  Eid ul Azha* 
04.09.2017  Monday  Eid ul Azha* 
01.12.2017  Friday  Eid Milad un Nabi* 
25.12.2017  Monday  Christmas 
26.12.2017  Tuesday  St. Stephen's Day 

*Possible discrepancy since date depends on appearance of the moon.