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The Future of Meghri Lies With Its Youth

29.03.2018 — Article Armenia
The class bell rings. Children from different directions, with excitement run into the building surrounded by clear blue sky and high mountains of Meghri. It is the beginning of the academic year in the secondary school of the town of Agarak, situated in the southernmost region of Armenia. This year is quite special for the school. For the first time in its history young agronomy enthusiasts graduate from the newly established agronomy stream class.

Progressing Territorial Reform in Armenia

12.01.2018 — Article Armenia
During the first phase of the territorial and administrative reform in Armenia 142 municipalities were transformed into 18 clusters with population of 165,000. One of the clusters, the community of Amasia is situated in the Marz of Shirak, the coldest region of the Republic of Armenia. Severe winter there lasts about 6 months. In the process of the territorial and administrative reform, nine settlements joined the municipality of Amasia, the latter becoming the municipal center.

Swiss-Armenian Business Day 2017

30.11.2017 — Media release Armenia
On 29 November 2017, the first Swiss-Armenian Business Day was held at the Armenia Marriot Hotel in Yerevan. The Embassy of Switzerland in Armenia had the great pleasure of organizing the conference!

Pasture Management in Armenian Regions

16.10.2017 — Article Armenia

The livestock development and keeping in Armenia is heavily dependent on pasture lands. Over the course of recent years, the irregular management and lacking organization of grazing in the rural communities of the country, has resulted in drastic conditions of natural pastures, soil degradation, insufficient fodder base, and threatened the entire biodiversity. Spontaneous livestock keeping has negatively affected the social-economic state of the communities, in a broader sense, the income of the population. Sustainable management procedures for natural pastures are aimed to regulate this issue through strengthening the local authorities’ capacities in Pasture Management.

Partnering for Excellence - Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Armenia

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Armenia

27.09.2017 — Local news Armenia

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships in Armenia are offered by the Government of Switzerland to postgraduate and research scholars who are willing to pursue their studies in Switzerland’s centers and universities of excellence. The program covers a wide range of specialized research in Science. The Swiss Government determines the scholarship conditions and final selection.

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