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Faces of Our Projects: Hayk from Ashotavan

02.05.2019 — Article Armenia
Hayk and his father Khurshud Avanesyans live in a small settlement named Ashotavan located in the south of Armenia. The father and son share the title of the head of the family equally. They are convinced that farming is a great way of sustaining their family of four. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Khurshud Avanesyan, 57, setting aside the hardships of the time, decided to hold on to the lands and the machinery he owned. Staying true to himself, Khurshud has passed his passion of farming on to his young son Hayk. 

Women from the South Caucasus

08.03.2019 — Article Armenia
Today the whole world celebrates the Women's International Day. Everyone - media outlets, organisations, countries, groups or individuals - trumpet in unison the global role of women - caretakers, farmers, educators, scientists, entrepreneurs, so on. Traditionally, we present the stories of amazing women from the South Caucasus Region who made their own contribution to development. 

Farmers of Meghri: M4M Project Closure

15.10.2018 — Article Armenia
Summer 2018 marks the completion of the “Markets for Meghri” project, through which Switzerland assisted the fruit-growers in the southernmost region of Armenia, Meghri, in improving and developing their crops, and selling their products on the local and foreign markets. Over the course of 6 years the project covered more than 1800 households involved in fruit cultivation, increasing the incomes of the involved producers by more than 1.000.000 CHF. But who is better to tell the story of the project, other than four of the farmers who have benefited and grown their businesses throughout the project.

The Future of Meghri Lies With Its Youth

29.03.2018 — Article Armenia
The class bell rings. Children from different directions, with excitement run into the building surrounded by clear blue sky and high mountains of Meghri. It is the beginning of the academic year in the secondary school of the town of Agarak, situated in the southernmost region of Armenia. This year is quite special for the school. For the first time in its history young agronomy enthusiasts graduate from the newly established agronomy stream class.

Progressing Territorial Reform in Armenia

12.01.2018 — Article Armenia
During the first phase of the territorial and administrative reform in Armenia 142 municipalities were transformed into 18 clusters with population of 165,000. One of the clusters, the community of Amasia is situated in the Marz of Shirak, the coldest region of the Republic of Armenia. Severe winter there lasts about 6 months. In the process of the territorial and administrative reform, nine settlements joined the municipality of Amasia, the latter becoming the municipal center.

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