Former Swiss Ambassador holds presentation in Baku

Local news, 05.12.2017

On 29-30 November 2017, the Swiss Embassy in Baku organized a presentation by Dr. Lorenzo Amberg in two leading Azerbaijani universities. Dr. Amberg held presentations at the Baku Branch of Moscow State University (MSU) and at the Baku State University where about 70-80 students and faculties listened with much interest to both presentations with the titles “In absentia meeting: Lenin and Solzhenitsyn in Zurich" and "1917 through the eyes of Swiss educators".

Dr. Amberg at Baku Branch of MSU
Dr. Amberg at Baku Branch of MSU. © FDFA

The Swiss scholar mentioned that Zurich was a shelter for asylum for Lenin in 1917 as well as for Alexander Solzhenitsyn in 1974. The former diplomat Dr. Lorenzo Amberg whose background is a Slavist spoke about interesting facts and quotations from the life of other well-known political and ideological activists of Russia, accompanying his presentations with illustration of the main actors and historic scenes of Zurich. Even though Lenin and Solzhenitsyn lived in Zurich at different periods, Dr. Amberg achieved to follow their cross points. Furthermore, he also spoke about the role of Switzerland as a place for numerous activists of the Russian Revolution in the beginning of XX century. Both presentations were held in Russian. For Azerbaijani students, the presentations were even more interesting due to the fact that the October Revolution of 1917 has had a direct impact on the history of Azerbaijan, apart from the fact that Azerbaijani historiography did not have access to alternative resources for many years. Views from a scholar from Switzerland and new approach to these important chapters of Russian history were therefore accepted with great appreciation.

Swiss scholar held presentation at Baku State University

В Бакинском филиале МГУ состоялся научный доклад швейцарского ученого и дипломата Лоренцо Амберга